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Heirloom You Are My World - Puzzle 3MM

SSP: $129.00 / SKU Code: WJMYUS

A unique, romantic gift for anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s day, this luxururious heirloom jigsaw puzzle is a light-hearted but tender way to celebrate love and relationships, and a perfect keepsake for the one that you love.

The customer supplies the US address of their choice – it could be any restaurant, café, high school or house with special significance – to create a jigsaw puzzle centered on that address. Using US Geological Survey mapping, the completed jigsaw will cover an area of 5 miles (north to south) by 7.5 miles (east to west).

It shows fascinating details: roads, contour lines, water features and notable buildings. A great way to discover if the happy couple even noticed their surroundings.

Made from 3 mm quality wood

Covers an area of 4 miles (north to south) by 6 miles (east to west).

Assembled size – 12 ¼ x 18 ½ inches.

Scale – 1:26000